Home-based, gentle caring & stress-free studio in LWR near Waterside

Only one dog at a time. No cages or crates. Potty breaks. Exclusive attention.

The grooming paw-ty

Includes a full-style haircut, a luxury bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner, hand blow drying, full body brushing and styling, nail trimming and grinding, teeth brushing, breath spray, gentle ear cleansing, ear plucking (if necessary), sanitary trim and paw trim.

Also included:

  • 1 hour of de-shedding for dogs who don’t need a full hair cut.
  • 1 free professional digital portrait – (high resolution, fully edited with printing rights) *if* the dog poses – please notice I cannot force a dog to pose if he’s not used to stay still for photos.

(+ If you would like extra photo add: $20 each)



FULL HAIR CUT: Tuesdays to Fridays: 10 am

BATH, DRY & NAIL BUFFING: Tuesdays to Fridays: 3:45 pm


+ The cost for grooming may be higher for dogs that are oversized, overweight, matted or whose temperament or health requires additional time. As degrees of difficulty go, size does not always matter. Small dogs are delicate and fragile and sometimes more difficult than large dogs. Small dogs also are harder on the groomer’s back. 

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Hi! My name is Alessandra, but you may call me Alé. I’m a wife, a mom, a pet photographer and a dog groomer. I’ve been grooming my dogs since 2014. I’m a Certified Canine Esthetician and I’ve made it my mission to create a dog grooming experience where dogs will feel safe and celebrated while getting a relaxing spa beauty experience.

Paws of Fame - Before & After Gallery

Media Release


I hereby grant Alé in Dogland the right and permission to use, reproduce, distribute, and publish any photograph(s), audio, and video recording(s) of my dog(s) at any time during and after the grooming. and I hereby release Alé in Dogland from any and all liability resulting from such use. I waive any right to any compensation for any of the reproduction, sale, broadcast, and distribution of any photograph(s), audio, and video recording(s) of me and/or my dog(s) at any time during and after the grooming.